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This episode features a "hollywood" screenwriter riding along with Squad 51 on a
typical shift of rescues, including: a motorcycle accident, a worker suffering
from exposure to chemicals, the delivery of a baby, and a structure fire at
a toy factory. He plans to write a big screen version of the perils of
firefighting and paramedic work, but his "muse" is as fickle as Johnny Gage.

You’ll find every kind of Emergency! story imaginable in the following fan fiction links.

Please note that some sites contain stories of an adult nature,
including sexual relationships. They are noted as
Adult Only or Slash.


Johnny's Green Pen
John's pen does more than note pretty nurse's phone numbers. New Johnny fanfic here!
Contains Some Adult Material
Michelle's Mike Stoker Fanfic Site
The quite one gets another site in his honor. Psst... Michelle's a little bit of a Stoker fan.
Rampart Base
Stories devoted to the dedicated staff of Rampart General Hospital.

Two Chickies 70’s Fanfic
Something for everyone at this fic roost! Emergency, CHiPs and other fave 70’s, 80’s & 90’s TV fanfic.
The fanfic site that started it all. Traditional episodic stories with action and the guys from Station 51!

Emergency Universe
At this site, the world revolves around E... Suggest a story starter or jump in and finish one yourself!

Emergency Station
Another great site!

The Junior Squad
Henry, that loveable mascot, hosts E! fanfic by kids. Too cute!

The Shelter
People just don’t understand your Emergency addiction? Read more stories and join the rest of the afflicted in the E! fanatics shelter.

Junior's Journal's
Wamt to write an E! story of your very own, but don't know how to get started? Junior will help you!

E! Fic Archive
Older stories from the
KMG-365 site.

E! From The Heart Fan Fiction
Fanfic based on the relationships of our fave ff/pm’s, doctors and nurses.

Station 51 Fan Fiction
Enjoy more tales of the crew from LACoFD Station 51 and the Doctors and nurses from Rampartl.

Kindred Spirits
A Grab bag full of fiction here including E! and much more.
Phantom's Lair Fic
If you love Chet, this is the place for you -- plus stories about all the gang at 51's and Rampart.
Humour, Angst, Alternate Universe, Past/Future, Drama Stories AND Craig Brice – it’s all here.
Squad 51,
Where are you?
If you like your Emergency! fanfic with a twist, here it is. Featuring drabbles, poetry and more!
Wanda's Fanfic
Lots of stories here.
TAC-2 Fan Fiction
Mostly Adam-12, but contains Emergency! crossovers.
The Realm Fanfic
A little bit of E! and a little
bit of The Monkees.
Tigger’s E! Stories
If you love Gage, then read these stories featuring your favorite ff/pm here.
Rosalind’s Roost
Missing scenes, E! fan fic
stories and original works.
The Burning Hat Club
51’s fearless leader is featured in the stories here as McConnikee fuels his paranoia.

Betsy’s Emergency
Archived E! fiction.

LaFemme’s E! Fic
More Emergency stories.

Jeff’s Wide World
of Fanfic
A little warped, but fun Emergency stories here.
Return to Emergency
Stories in script format.
It's all about Friendship
Stories from E!, the Sentinel and CHiPs!
Jonesie's Fanfic Site
Emergency! Writers Headquarters
A character reference resource for E! fanfic writers.
E! Fanfic Writers Credits
Bio info on your favorite Emergency! fandom writers.
Heart Attack Fan Fic
Adult fan fic stories about
Johnny, Roy, Cap, Mike, Marco, Chet, Kel and Dixie.

Adults Only
Contains Slash
Multiple genre fan fic site with mostly Slash E! stories.
Adults Only
Contains Slash
Flights of Fancy
Alternate Universe E! stories.
Love, E! Style
Romance is in the air at Rampart!
A-Shift’s Fanfic Page
Stories centered on the off-duty pursuits of our favorite firefighters, paramedics, nurses & docs.
Contains Adult Material
Gila’s Cave Fan Fiction
Multiple genre fanfic including E!, plus original works.
Contains Some Adult Material
Fairy Queen’s Slash Fanfic
Slash fanfic stories featuring same sex relationships between characters.
Adults Only
Contains Slash
The Greek Goddess of Love's Fanfic
For all things romantic in the world of fanfiction.
Contains some Adult Material
The E! Reading Room
Humor, romance, drama - see it in the reading room!
Adults Only
Contains Slash
As The Siren Turns…
A never ending story – soap opera style. I guess they miss Randy on daytime TV!
Contains some Adult Material

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